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Jen Carey

Full-time Associate Area Director

Jen was born and raised in NJ and has a been on YL staff since 2017 in Bridgewater-Raritan and oversees everything from our Young Life and WyldLife programming to recruiting and training leaders. She is married to Christian Carey, loves discipleship, fitness and trendy coffee shops. ​ God has given Jen a heart for young people and a desire to expand our territory to reach more kids in Somerset County so they may share and experience the fullness of God.

Committee Team of Adults

Young Life committees are the lifeline for Young Life in the local area. The committee is a group of local adults who care about kids and are committed to Young Life's mission.

They support the local Young Life ministry by praying for local Young Life/Wyldlife, by fundraising, securing administrative resources and encouraging staff.

Committee Team:
Chris Kirkpatrick - Committee Chair
Sandie Kirkpatrick - Event Coordinator
Kristina Campbell - Wyldlife Chair
Pastor Mark Swart - Committee
John Mezzasalma - Financial chair
Mike Clabough, member
Jennifer Richardson - Somerville Chair

Our Volunteer Heroes!

Young Life Adult Leaders:
- Christian & Jen Carey
- Ben Hill
- Christine Jensen
- Annika Rossi
- Alexia Mitchko, high school leader

Wyldlife Middle School Leaders:
- Cianna Wong, adult leader
- Jared Bridenbaugh, adult leader
- Erin Kopecky, adult leader-
- Molly, junior in high school
- Santino, junior in HS

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"Being a member of Young Life has helped ​ Brianna create new friendships, enjoy old friendships, and be herself all while she is continuing to learn about God. ​ The leaders being close in age to the high school kids is helpful in letting Brianna and other high school students know that you can still be cool and have God in your life."
- Cheryl Floystrop, mother of Brianna.

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